Sabtu, 11 Februari 2017

Craftbombing With Felt on a Winter's Day

After we making Yarn BombHonestly I don't know why but one morning I wake up and decide I MUST, absolutely MUST, make yellow felt butterflies and stick them up on a pole in town. That's how it works with us sometimes.  An idea bursts forth and BOOM done within a day or two. Other times we have ideas percolating for weeks or months and nowt happens and then BOOM! OR NOWT happens. Anyway, weather is getting grotty and we thought these would 
brighten up the grey days of winter.

Sabtu, 10 September 2016

Yarn Bomb

Today I took a big step in growing in confidence. I took the idea from the Voluntary Arts Week Craft Bomb. I have looked at other peoples yarn bombs throughout the past few years and wished that I could do something like that. Spread a little beauty through nice things. I love taking a walk through a park or somewhere and coming across something nice. The Eden Project is amazing for things like that!

So what have I done today? Well, I used my rose pattern and knocked up a few roses in different bright colours that would stand out. Then I linked them all together on a long chain. My mistake was that I didn't scope the area first. If so I would have measured the area first and known exactly how many flowers I would need. I then went for a walk in a local park area and found a lonesome tree looking for some attention. It was surrounded by some beautiful pink flowers so I decided to add more colour and strung my flower chain around a branch. I could have done with a step stool but that might have given me away! :) Have any of you ever done anything like this? I would love to see pictures!

Jumat, 09 September 2016

Purse, Buttons, Beads and Findings

I don't know why I have never made a purse before, but honestly, it is so easy and I am addicted! I want to make one for every hour of everyday! Bags... ooooh a big one as a clutch. Ahhhhh ideas are flowing! This is just a small floral pattern with a green interior which I decorated with a few buttons.

Purse frames are quite easy to come by. But haberdasheries tend to only have the odd couple of sizes. Online is where I got mine. These places are all pretty good for clasps: me, me and me! So get making quick!

See more :

Kamis, 08 September 2016

Wedding Presents

Today one of my oldest friends has got married to a really lovely lady. He was always a really lovely guy to me and I have very fond memories of him in my life. So I didn't want to get the usual toaster or vouchers so I decided on something a little more special. Something that I could make to bring lovely memories in the future. So here they are...

I made two of these knitted dolls and just made up patterns to make their clothes. Hopefully they will stay apart of their family forever more!

I wish them every bit of luck for the future in everything that they do!!

Rabu, 07 September 2016

Blanket Box

Living in this apartment is sometimes hard due to a lack of space and me having a lot of craft stuff (I can't stop!!). So I decided to purchase a blanket box to keep all our linens in.
I first looked around for a lovely vintage piece, but I could not find one that I liked. So I settled on this cheap little number.

I wanted to paint it but there was no need to spend a ridiculous amount on paint, all I used was one small tester of this paint. I even did two coats with it. Though I will say I did not do the top! Then I had some left over 2 inch wadding and I cut out two rectangles the same size as the top and put them one on top of the other.I took the same fabric that I used on the inside of my pouffe and cut a rectangle the same size as the top but with a two inch border all around, then I picked out this gorgeous fabric and cut out the same sized rectangle. I purchased some white upholstery nails from B&Q and then folding the fabric under, so it doesn't leave a raw edge I hammered in my nails roughly an inch apart all the way around making sure the fabric is tight, but not too tight.

Selasa, 06 September 2016

CraftBomb 2016

This event last time ago ini May 2016.
Brighten up your community and help celebrate Voluntary Arts Week with an explosion of colour and creativity  from 6 – 15 May 2016! 
Over the past three years, high streets, school yards, public gardens and museums across the country have been decorated with a host of creative CraftBombs to celebrate the first day of Voluntary Arts Week. Those involved have had tremendous fun, been featured in both local and national press and met new people along the way.
pcca2pcca3The Mill Conway Street, Belfast
Download the CraftBomb toolkit for inspiration, ideas and practical Untitled-1advice to help you create your own Craftbomb for Voluntary Arts Week 2016.

There are some great CraftBomb events being planned as part of Voluntary Arts Week, here’s some to look out for:
  • Inverness CraftBomb – a CraftBomb trail around the Highland capital, complete with ‘random bikes of kindness’ crafted by guerilla knitters and a creative makeover at Inverness Prison. 6 – 15 May.
  • InterFest CraftBomb – a celebration of creativity, community and cultural identity in the heart of Glasgow on the 14 May 2016, with regular CraftBomb workshops in the lead-up.
  • Helping Hands Community Art Instillation – a celebration of children’s art, featuring 800 handprints, to raise awareness and funds for Oban Community Playpark under 5s.
  • Wixams Vixens Womens Institute CraftBomb – free crafting sessions on 8 May, followed by a display around Wixams on 15 May.
  • Woolly Workshop and Mini CraftBomb – Learn how to make loopy loom flowers and pom-poms or have a go at french knitting at Sherwood Commiunity Centre on 9 May and contribute to their CraftBomb display.
  • Making Musselburgh Marvellous – a large scale community CraftBomb, coordinated by Musselburgh Riding of the Marches, which will appear in various locations across the town.

For a full list of events taking place during Voluntary Arts Week see the Events page.

CraftBomb 2014

Be part of our national CraftBomb project – brighten up your community and help launch Voluntary Arts Week in an explosion of colour and creativity on 9 May!
Deaf Connections2
Last year’s CraftBomb was a great success, with high streets, school yards, public gardens and museums across the country decorated with a host of crafty creations to celebrate the first day of Voluntary Arts Week.  Those involved had tremendous fun, were featured in both local and national press and met new people along the way.
This year we want to make this project even bigger, but we need your help! 
So if you’re a knitter, felter, quilter, embroiderer – a crafty individual, part of a group or a venue looking for a creative makeover – read our CraftBomb Checklist to find out how you can be part of this nation-wide celebration of creativity craft and community.
Good luck on your mission Agent….over and out!