Sabtu, 10 September 2016

Yarn Bomb

Today I took a big step in growing in confidence. I took the idea from the Voluntary Arts Week Craft Bomb. I have looked at other peoples yarn bombs throughout the past few years and wished that I could do something like that. Spread a little beauty through nice things. I love taking a walk through a park or somewhere and coming across something nice. The Eden Project is amazing for things like that!

So what have I done today? Well, I used my rose pattern and knocked up a few roses in different bright colours that would stand out. Then I linked them all together on a long chain. My mistake was that I didn't scope the area first. If so I would have measured the area first and known exactly how many flowers I would need. I then went for a walk in a local park area and found a lonesome tree looking for some attention. It was surrounded by some beautiful pink flowers so I decided to add more colour and strung my flower chain around a branch. I could have done with a step stool but that might have given me away! :) Have any of you ever done anything like this? I would love to see pictures!

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